please relaxing, surrounding the “Irori” in the lodge, drinking “Jizake” and eating a delicious nibbles!

Lodging at the footholds of Mount Hakuba MOTOI. We urge you to surround yourself with the untouched nature of Hakuba Ochikura High Hills, and enjoy a vacation that would soothe your senses to the core.

NEWS:Now we introduced Natural hot spring!
 This source is "Himekawa Onsen" that can be relaxed.

The lodging, renovated from a Japanese old folk house emits the comforting feel of wood, The meals are mostly Japanese, made from organic vegetables brought in from the MOTOI farm, as well as the abundant fresh local fish sent directly from nearby Japan Sea. The meals are full of what nature has to offer, with eggs from grass fed chickens, SANSAI (wild plants), mushrooms and many other local fresh foods of the season.

Ski slope Japanese-style lounge Of snow Kozue
It is essential wood-burning stove living in nature Backcountry Cold yellowtail
Winter of Tsugaike Nature Park Natural blessing and seasonal taste, Dishes that cherish safe materials Snowshoe
The appearance of snow. The season of the snow silver is another world

You can slide back from Tsugaike-Kogen ski slope.

hammock Handmade jam and apple sales
Snowshoe guide

●There are many good outdoor hot springs in the place of 5 minutes to 10 minutes by car.
●In the winterTsugaike, Iwatake, Hakuba-happo, Hakubacortina, Skiing and snowboarding in the world of snow.
 Snowshoe courses are also spreading around the lodge.
●This lodge MOTOI does not introduce reservation agency business reservation site and transaction with travel agency at all.
 Here is the accommodation that put the value on encounter with individual customers.

Garden of MOTOI
NEWS:The owner's ski slope guide《Iwatake, Tsugaike, Cortina, Hakuba-Norikura》is OK.Try to ask!
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