one guest room

Info of Guest room

Japanese-style room

Gently and comfortable guest room
with the fragrance and feel of wood.

Different types of rooms 8 rooms.

There are various kinds of rooms from Japanese-style room, twin room and maisonette room. We will prepare suit your taste as much as possible.
● Japanese-style room2
 twin room2
● Capacity:25 persons


maisonette1 maisonette2 twin room Japanese-style room

★Dormitory for long-term stay and inexpensive

Recommended Plans are ・・・ Please see the display below.

MOTOI's Inexpensive Plans

Dormitory Type

/(Bunk beds room/Sleep only/No meals/Including tax and service charge)

¥3,300 / day

Private Room

/(Sleep only/No meals/Not including tax and service charge)

¥4,300 / day

◎For long-term guests there is also a discount of up to 40% ( = 4weeks).

●Please feel free to contact us. ※Dormitory room is gender.