Handmade Jam Standard Class 3 types
No additive jam made from only sugar and fruit
Apricots July〜
Blueberry October〜
Apple December〜
Besides, there are some jams made with spots.
●Handmade jam Each ¥700 (excluding tax)
Late November〜
●For self use… 5kg ¥2,000 , 10kg ¥3,800
(each excluding tax)
●For gifts… 5kg ¥2,500 , 10kg ¥4,800
(each excluding tax)
Vegetable courier service … 
Organic vegetables produced from MOTOI farm
We will send vegetables by courier. 
Sales period:July 20 〜 October 30
●1,000 yen pack / 2,000 yen pack(each excluding tax)
Organic vegetables

▶▶▶ Home delivery postage:
Kanto region ¥550, Kanto region ¥600